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We welcome you to the Gerrards cross Taxis!.

We Offer Fewer Rates

If you are willing that you should get the lesser rates, then we are your sure option also as no doubt for sure you would love to know that we are providing the lesser competitive rates as in the comparison of all the others too. We have fixed rates that are also reasonable, so you won’t have to worry that we are charging you higher rates

The Taxi Fare Calculators

We have so many kinds of the different  vehicles that are in the use, as you can select the kind of the vehicle on your own. Here at the Gerrards cross Taxis you will get the benefit that you are having the taxi fare calculators that are installed in all of our taxis. They will help in order to calculate the fare so that you can know that you are being charged on the fixed rate.

The Better Services

When you travel with the Gerrards cross T

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Special Prices

Save up to 30% when choosing a popular destination.


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Travel nationwide with 100% satisfaction in fixed prices, no extra costs, no cash required,

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Fixed price

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